A story
dating back to 1948

and continuing to the present, with the same love and dedication to producing quality dairy products with fresh milk from Greek producers.

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The Mandrekas S.A. Company, with years of experience in making dairy products from pure ingredients, produces a wide range of traditional products, such as:

fresh cow’s milk
cow's yogurt
strained yogurt
yogurt desserts with fruit
milk and yogurt desserts
drinkable yogurt with 25 g protein

Mandrekas dairy products have earned a place in the hearts and on the tables of consumers for their authentic flavour, quality Greek ingredients and superior nutritional value.

When traditional quality becomes
a family affair.

It all began with a dairy store run by the Mandrekas family in Korinthos, where Grandpa Dimitrios Mandrekas made the best sweets in the region from fresh goat's and cow's milk.
The family dairy store is converted to a small dairy production facility.
Evangelos Mandrekas takes over the reins of the company, upgrading the production process with new methods and trained staff.
A state-of-the-art dairy production and private label facility is created under the Mandrekas name in Korinthos.
The company establishes a plant in Wisconsin, USA, in cooperation with a local cheese-maker, Klondike Cheese Co.
Privately owned retail stores and outlets called “Mikra meGala” [“small stores with milk”] are created.
The company joins in the ELLA-DIKA MAS initiative for Greek-made products, subscribing to the three-pronged approach: Production, established seat and ownership in Greece, with respect for Greek society and the economy.
The company launches its first Greek high-protein drinkable yogurt, “Youphoria High Protein”, and introduces a new category of dairy products.
The company launches a new campaign and the first communication action for the Youphoria brand, the innovative Greek drinkable yogurt with a high protein content (25 g). The family tradition is being carried on by the 3rd generation now at the helm.
Following our principles for development and utilization of renewable energy sources, in 2021 we proceeded to adopt new power sources of sustainable energy by using photovoltaics panels and wind variable pitch, while we completed a new investment which includes the development of a new storage and distribution center, a building of 3,000 sq.m.

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