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We strive to stand out not just for the quality of our products, but the quality of the actions we undertake with the focus on people of the community

Our entrepreneurial progress is determined by the good quality of our raw ingredients and our final products, but also by the social and environmental footprint we leave behind as a company. That’s why we invest in responsible practices, programmes and initiatives that reflect our business ethics and can make a positive impact to everyone’s benefit.

The key axis of our business activity is respect for humanity. With a strong sense of social contribution and responsibility, we consistently develop actions that make a meaningful contribution to society and to the environment. Our actions are based on 4 pillars:



Maintaining and enhancing the company’s social character is our ongoing concern. We strive to distinguish ourselves not only for the quality of our products but the quality of the actions we develop and carry out with a focus on people and the trust we earn through practices that provide support for vulnerable groups.

Some of our initiatives aimed at enhancing social prosperity include:

• Donations of products to the schools in Korinthia Prefecture
• Support of local charitable organisations
• Support of local non-profit organisations and social pantries



Highlighting the cultural heritage of Greece is a very important, timeless and ongoing undertaking which we embrace and strive to contribute to.

We are present for the effort to safeguard the cultural and athletic ideals through practices such as:
• Support of the Korinthos Philharmonic Orchestra
• Support of local sports teams
• Support of local newspapers
• Sponsoring cultural and athletic events

Human resources

Human resources

Our people are our strength and the magic ingredient behind every one of the company’s successes. They are the family with which we share common beliefs, values and goals, working together to preserve them. Supporting our people on a professional and personal level has always been one of our main concerns, and we demonstrate it in practice through consistent approaches and actions, such as:

• Financial support of company employees who are parents of school students taking their university entry examinations
• Giving gifts to all company employees at Christmas and Easter



Our business activity is consistent with our corporate culture, which fuels and strengthens our love for the environment and its protection in every way possible. It is our conscious choice to apply environmentally friendly practices and technologies aimed at conserving energy, reducing our environmental footprint and developing environmentally beneficial actions.

To that end, we take part in programmes to help us achieve those goals as we adopt methods, practices and technologies such as:

• Participating in a programme to recycle plastics and paper packaging materials according to the guidelines of the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corp. (EEAA).

• Cooperating with the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES) and private energy consulting companies to minimise our energy needs and include renewable energy sources into our production process with the aim of reducing our energy footprint.

• Being the only Greek enterprise to take part in the HORIZON 2020 research programme to generate steam and conserve energy.

• Managing liquid waste using a biological treatment system so that water from treated liquid waste generated during production can be used to enrich the aquifer.

• Management of lamps and battery recycling. We have worked for years with a recycling company specialising in lamps and we have placed battery recycling bins at various locations around the company.

• Paper recycling. Electronic handling of documents and communication and use of a special system to sort paper waste which is then transferred to special recycling bins and collected by an approved paper recycling company. We also make every possible effort to use environmentally friendly packaging.

• Using technologies that help reduce our environmental footprint.

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